Autumn is here. While it is a gorgeous season, it isn’t great for your glass doors and windows.

The rain, the heavy winds, the leaves, and every other natural element that wreaks havoc on your home. These may be nice to admire from inside, or even to walk through the park, but here’s something to consider: How can you enjoy the fall season in the comfort of your own home if your vision is impaired by all the dirt?

Answer: You can’t. But don’t put down the pumpkin spice latte just yet. There is hope for your glass doors. Here are five tips for keeping your glass doors clean this fall:

1. See Loose Dust? Wipe it Each Time

No matter how often you clean your glass doors, you will endure dust, especially if you live in a highly-populated area, which means a lot of traffic, pollution, and construction (should you reside in Toronto, then you know what we’re talking about).

It is an eternal struggle to keep preventing the dust from engulfing your glass doors.

So, what should you do exactly?

Well, it might be difficult and tedious to do, but it would be a good idea to wipe the glass doors with a duster that is designated only for your glass doors.

Whenever you notice dust, give it a good wipe. It’ll only take a few seconds.

2. You Need to Clean the Sill & Panes

You know just how dirty your sills and panes can get over a period of time. Heck, after just a day, your sills and panes are covered in dirt, grime, dust, and anything in between.

But rather than just ignore it out of frustration, you should not give up.

The dirtier they get, the more it will affect your glass doors. Simply put: maintenance is key.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Buff the Glass

When you want your glass doors to look amazing all the time, or at least for an extended period of time, you should employ the simple trick of buffing the glass.

How do you achieve this aim?

Here are a few tricks:

  • Use crumpled up newspaper to eliminate moisture from the surface.
  • Utilize a dry microfiber cloth to buff the glass and remove water streaks.
  • Take advantage of a polishing compound.
  • Soak a sponge in in rubbing alcohol and proceed to rub on the glass.

And that is how you buff the glass.

4. Have a Screen? Clean It Too

Can we be honest about something? Your window screens are filthy. But it’s not your fault. It happens.

From rain to snow, from dust to dirt, your window screens endure the wrath of nature’s harsh elements. They serve as a blockade for your glass windows and doors, but they still penetrate through the screens, causing untold damage that is both annoying and irksome.

There isn’t much you can do but to clean the screens on a regular basis with a Lysol wipe.

5. Stock Up on the Cleaning Supplies

In the end, you will need a huge supply of cleaning products to ensure that you not only keep your glass doors clean, but everything else in your home.

Think about it this way: When you have the energy to clean your glass doors, and you don’t have the cleaning items in your home, then you have missed an opportunity. When you don’t have the energy, or the will, and you have the products, then nothing will get done.

It’s an interesting scenario. Just ensure that you have your home filled with the Windex, the paper towels, the microfiber cloths, the Lysol wipes, and all of the other supplies necessary to keep your glass doors clean.

Your glass doors will be the first impression your home will offer guests. Why not make it a grand initial impression and keep the glass doors beautiful and enviable with routine maintenance? All it takes is a few moments and elbow grease to get the job done.

You can peek outside, you can make your home gorgeous, and you can expand their lifespan.

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