Finding the best professional movers tailored to your needs and budget is like locating a needle in a haystack. When you do come across these movers, you want to keep them and have them in your black book for future use. But do they want you to call them in a couple of years?

If you want them to return to your humble abode next time, you should listen to what they have to say.

Over the years, movers have met some of the worst customers. Everything from lying about what they have to move to not having everything packed and read to be hauled, movers get frustrated when certain things happen on the job that shouldn’t take place.

Want to know what they are? Here are five things movers want you to know about the big day:

1. Be Ready and On Time

Let’s be honest: moving day is a stressful, busy, and physically taxing time. But it isn’t an excuse not to be prepared, ready, and on time when movers arrive to your doorstep. If you’re not already picking up boxes to move, then you’ll just irk the professional movers you have hired.

One of thing that movers detest is when customers are not ready for the big day.

2. Movers Are Grateful for Refreshments

It is sunny, 30 degrees, high humidity. Moving from the house to the van and back, lifting heavy items, can cause sweat to drip from your brow and a desire for water. Summertime is the worst time to move.

If there is one thing that movers are most grateful for, especially for heavy-duty jobs, it’s customers offering some refreshments: bottles of water, snacks, and anything else that can cool them down.

So, if you’re witnessing movers run up and down flights of stairs on a hot day, give them something.

3. Put Everything in a Box, Not Garbage Bags

Because moving can be an expensive ordeal, some households become short on funds and can’t afford several more boxes, totes, and packing tape. This prompts them to take advantage of big, black garbage bags to transfer items into. It may be cheap and convenient, but it will only slow down the move.

Movers dislike carrying garbage bags for a few reasons: items may get lost, items may rip through the garbage, customers become perturbed if they can’t find certain items.

Yes, it may be easier for you, but it will just potentially slow down the entire process.

4. Be Honest About Your Overall Move

Here is another thing that movers get frustrated about: clients fibbing about what they need moved.

This is typically what happens: a customer will contact the local movers, tell them they have a couch, a few boxes, a dining room table, and a mattress, and it is only a couple of flights of stairs. In reality, they have a six-seat sofa, a dozen heavy boxes, a heavy glass table, and a king-size mattress. Oh, and those couple of flights of stairs are really five.

Not only is this unfair to the movers, it is just downright dishonest.

When you need to order movers, be honest, detailed, and meticulous with what you have.

5. Tipping Each Mover in Cash is Better

Is there anything more awkward than tipping? For whatever reason, we feel embarrassed when tipping. But don’t feel the same when you’re hiring movers.

And, when you’re tipping movers at the end of a long five-hour job, be sure you’re tipping each mover in cash. This is preferable to paying by debit or credit and adding just 15% to the final total.

By doing this, you can avoid the possibility of tips getting into the hands of the overall corporation or having the helpful movers experience a delay in receiving their additional cash.

Nobody likes to move. Sure, we enjoy the end result – being in our brand new home in the comfort of our stuff – but the entire process can create quite the headache and back pain. This is why we hire movers: to minimize the agony of lifting antique armoires and 400-pound dining glass tables. When you do order a set of movers, be sure that you heed the advice industry professionals who have seen and done it all.

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