Who likes moving? Raise your hand!

The truth is is that nobody enjoys moving. Everything from purchasing packaging supplies weeks in advance to trekking your items that fit a three-bedroom home to the other part of the region, moving is typically a trainwreck waiting to happen.

But does it have to be a trainwreck in the making? Nope. In fact, with the right packaging supplies, your big day and quickly transform into a great day that ends with a box of pizza.

Here are five things about packaging supplies every move needs to know:

1. Stay Away from the Newspapers

We tend to believe that we’re clever when we grab a bunch of newspapers from months ago and reuse them for our packaging needs. It’s free, protective, and bulky.

But did you know that newspapers are bad for your packaging supplies?

Since newspapers have ink on them, they can really damage your items, whether they are clothes, cutlery, or chairs. Just imagine using an edition of The New York Times to wrap your china!

In the end, newspapers are fine for stuffing boxes, but not wrapping your valuables.

2. You Need Boxes of Different Sizes

When you move from one location to another, boxes become your life, they define your existence.

That said, don’t you think for one second that all boxes are the same and that you only need one type for the big day. Here is something you need to know: you need boxes of different sizes.

From small to extra large, from divided boxes to plastic bins, you will require a whole host of various boxes. It may seem like a nuisance now, but it will turn out to be a great decision in the end.

3. Want to Save Time? Use Stretch Wrap!

For so long, we believed that stretch wrap was only used at factories to move heavy-duty crates. But the power of stretch wrap has transitioned to the world of residential and commercial moving.

Stretch wrap has become a lifesaver for everyday people, especially the procrastinators.

When you don’t want to remove everything from the dresser, you can simply wrap your chest with stretch wrap. You don’t need to take out the drawers or your clothing.

Or, when you don’t know wear to place your sofa cushions, you can leave it on your sofa and cover the couch with stretch wrap.

4. Packaging Labels Are a Must-Have

Many people will dismiss packaging labels, but they are a huge timesaver, especially when you’re frantic, stressed out, and fed up. Moving from one place to another is difficult enough without also having to find your plates, your phablet, or your picture frames.

By using packaging labels, you can easily find your items without ripping apart your boxes. Also, with packaging labels, you dump your boxes or totes in certain parts of your new home or business, and when you’re ready to open them up, you can.

5. Garbage Bags Don’t Count as Packaging Supplies (Mostly)

Yes, garbage bags are convenient and cheap. But they don’t count as packaging supplies. In fact, one of the worst things that professional moving companies detest is when customers use big black garbage bags for nearly everything they have.

Now, in some cases, garbage bags will suffice, like your clothing, but they shouldn’t be used for computers, glassware, or other fragile possessions.

Plus, isn’t it embarrassing when you’re in public with these massive black bags?

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