If you think the weather now-a-days has a mind of its own, you are not alone. With the recent sudden changes in temperatures, you can never be sure about when you have to switch the heater off and turn on the air conditioning, especially within the close confines of the kitchen.

In such fluctuating temperatures, all you can really do is be prepared for what Mother Nature throws at you. By this, we mean keeping your air conditioning system well maintained, so you can rely on them whenever it gets too hot.

The benefits of doing regular check-ups and maintenance of your air conditioning are more than one. The most obvious one is that your air conditioning is always ready to save you from the scorching heat. Other benefits include the fact that a well-maintained air conditioning system is also a less-expensive system.

And finally, by regular maintenance, you can also ensure that any issues with the air conditioning is resolved before it becomes a really big issue. This can help you save a lot of money when it comes to repairing your air conditioning. Below, we discuss some of the things you can do to control the temperature inside your kitchen.

1. Use a programmable thermostat

If you keep changing your air conditioning temperature too much, you will also be unknowingly reducing the life of your air conditioning unit. Changing the temperature too often puts extra load on your air conditioner, meaning it has to work extra hard to reach the temperatures set by you. This results in more wear and tear for the machine and a shorter life span for the unit. Also, constantly changing the temperature is not good for your home either as it can cause condensation which can easily result into moulds being formed in your home.

2. Keep a filter changing schedule

To keep things simple, just remember that your air conditioner loves predictable behaviour. We have already seen how a thermostat can help in this case. Similarly, it is advisable that you create and strictly follow a filter changing schedule to make sure that your air conditioner is never running with dirty filters. This will ensure that your unit works in a more efficient manner, thus reducing the load on the unit itself. A dirty filter can also cause heating inside the AC unit which can quickly turn into a fire hazard.

3. Check all door and window gaps

If the room you are trying to cool is leaking the cool air out of it, your air conditioning unit will have to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature inside the room. If you can replace all the old door and window linings with new ones, you will also be increasing the life of your AC unit by making sure it doesn’t have to work harder than what is really necessary.

4. Help your AC cool the room

Many people think of it as a rule to only use either the air conditioner or the fan in the room. A fan in the room can actually help you regulate the temperature of the room. Remember that the work of the air conditioner is to cool the room by blowing in cool air. A fan on a slow speed can help your air conditioner do this by making sure the cool air is circulated well inside the room.

5. Even the AC needs air

If the compressor of your AC is kept outdoors, make sure that they are kept in a clean, open area. This will ensure that they can suck in the maximum amount of clean air and can convert them into cold air that can be used to cool down your home. An AC compressor surrounded by trees or shrubs will have to work extra hard to suck in the sparsely available air near it. If you feel your kitchen is too stuffy and in need of air, you should install a commercial exhaust fan for your kitchen.

With these simple things in mind, you can make sure that you are enjoying the cool kitchens for years to come.

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