A healthy lawn is a benefit to you, your family, the community and the environment. It can reduce dust and airborne particles.  An appealing lawn is good for outdoor gatherings and for children to play safely outside and around their home.

A well-maintained lawn with trees, grass and flowers links us to nature. It becomes an oasis for relaxation that helps to reduce stress. It also creates a relaxing space for you and your family. A healthy lawn can only be achieved through proper care and attention. Irrigation, aeration, fertilization and consistent mowing are vital for a healthy lawn. Here are ways to improve your lawn.

1. Mow your lawn

There are two main benefits for mowing the lawn: it provides aesthetic benefits and it prevents pest habitation. Mowing the lawn every so often keeps the grass consistent in height and growth. Also a lawn that is regularly mowed remains healthy and prevents diseases or pest infestation.

2. Aerate the soil

Aeration is often an overlooked practice. This has led to compact soil formation that prevents air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and roots. Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil that causes soil compaction. It is a valuable method for maintaining a healthy lawn. Through aeration, nutrients can reach the soil beneath the grass.

3. Use natural or organic fertilization

Fertilization can prevent weed growth and diseases. It keeps the grass thick and healthy, resisting all sorts of pests, diseases and unwanted plant growth. Fertilizers supply the nutrients needed for the lawn, strengthening the grass and plant roots.

Fertilization enhances plant resilience enabling the plants to withstand any weather conditions and prevent drought development. Fertilization also results in grass growing uniformly making mowing an easy task.

4. Install an automated irrigation system

Proper irrigation practice can improve the quality of your lawn. It is a smart way to save money, time and minimize water usage. These systems are automated with a timer that turns on and off to supply the necessary water quantity. It eliminates the need to manually use a hose pipe. It is an efficient way to ensure your lawn receives the hydration it needs to flourish and grow without over-watering. Timely irrigation systems supply the exact amount of water in the right spots and exactly when needed.

A huge advantage of using a timely irrigation system is that it conserves water. It eliminates excessive water usage and reduces the cost of water consumption without compromising on the quality and health of your lawn.

5. Control the weed growing on your lawn

A well-maintained lawn automatically eliminates weed growth. But even the best attended lawns can still suffer from weed infection. Weed can be aggressive and take over your lawn if not checked on a regularly basis. The combination of irrigation, fertilization and mowing will surely prevent weed emergence.

Apart from these methods, weed prevention products can get rid of weed without affecting the soil, plants and grass. It is recommended to use only products that are tested and registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

6. Call in the experts

Caring for your lawn can be time-consuming and even overwhelming. You rather enjoy the outdoor space, than having to spend regular time mowing, removing weed or aerating the soil. You can do it yourself on some days and also schedule a professional lawn service to inspect your lawn on other days. They can tackle the tough and time-consuming tasks.

Through their scheduled lawn care they can detect and treat pests as well as troublesome weed before it gets out of control. Most importantly, they have the knowledge and experience on the products and methods to implement that will keep your lawn always flourishing.

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