If a fire breaks out, it can have devastating consequences. To protect against these consequences, a property should use heat-resistant materials. Heat-resistant materials are proven to mitigate against the threat of a fire. Plus, when you use these materials around a home they are able to minimize the damage caused by one.

Rather than risk the health and safety of your family, we’ve listed below the top reasons why you should use heat resistant materials in your home today.

1. Prevent Fires

The most important reason why you should use heat resistant materials in your home is to prevent fires. If a fire was to occur, it can completely devastate your belongings and house. Plus, if your family is inside the home while a blaze occurs, they could suffer serious injuries. But, when you use heat resistant materials around your home, you will mitigate the risk factors associated with a fire starting. Unlike other building materials that can quickly ignite if exposed to heat or a spark, fire resistant materials have been specially designed to resist heat.

2. Longer Burn Times

Heat resistant materials have been specifically designed to have slower burn times. This means, that if a fire were to break out the heat resistant material would take longer to burn.  Having a longer burn time for your home could have lifesaving befits. If a fire were to break out, having these materials can give your family more time to escape. As well, it can help to contain the blaze to a single area rather than having it spread. Plus, you will have a better chance of mitigating damage as the slow burn time will allow more time for you to call for help. It is especially important to use these materials on the structure of the home and the exterior which is the most susceptible to hot temperatures. Ultimately, instead of leaving your family at risk you should use heat resistant materials

3. Cost Effective

Heat resistant material have long term cost benefits associated with them. When a family home undergoes a fire, there will likely be a large among of damage. This damage will be costly as you’ll need to replace all your goods and home. But, with heat resistant materials you won’t need to worry. If your home is fully protected with heat resistant materials you will not only mitigate the potential of a risk, but be able to contain the damage in a fire. This could help you salvage items in an area of the home that was not affected by it.

4. Potential Rebates

If you use heat resistant building materials on your home you may be entitled to financial rebates from your insurance company. Many home insurance companies offer discounts and incentives for home owners that use these materials. This could help to off-set the cost of using heat resistant materials to build, or incentivise you to use them moving forward. To see if you are eligible for a discount you should speak to your broker today.

5. Safer

Heat resistant materials are overall, a safer option for building that will help to protect your family and home from danger. Rather than leave your family at risk, you should only use heat resistant materials on your home.

6. Many Options

There are a variety of options for consumers looking to use heat resistant products in their home. Heat resistant materials can come in the form of treatments, sealants, items and more. Meaning, you will be able to safe-guard every inch of your home to your unique preferences.

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