Whether we like it or not, global temperatures are on the rise and having an in-home cooling unit is a necessary component of any comfortable living space. As people look for maximum flexibility when it comes to keep their home at a pleasant living temperature, Cabinet air conditioners are becoming an increasingly popular cooling tool. These appliances are great solutions when it comes to dealing with the heat and humidity of extreme summer weather and offer lots of great benefits.

1. Don’t break the bank

Unlike an extremely costly house-wide system, cabinet air conditioners are very affordable and there are models available to suit any budget. Even if you’re not looking to spend much more than $100, you can still find a reasonably efficient smaller unit. This can be especially pertinent who people who are renting or are not looking to make a big investment in their current living space.

2. Get maximum efficiency

As the design of cabinet cooling systems has become more sophisticated, most units not have a variable digital control that allows you to adjust the cooling effect to your specific daily needs. Furthermore, an increase in awareness in the importance of energy efficiency means that most models have an energy-saving switch that will provide even further held when it comes to cutting down on utility costs. Unlike a central air condition that will either be off or cooling your entire living space, cabinet units can be used to cool just or two rooms where you spend the most time.

3. Don’t waste time shopping around

Cabinet air conditioners are easy to buy and are available in most home improvement stores, large supermarkets, department stores and even pharmacies. Due to the fact that the designs are fairly consistent across the top-selling brands, you can trust that you are getting a reasonable product and don’t need to waste time comparing models with a staff member who may or may not actually be knowledgeable about the product.

4. Start cooling with easy installation

Cabinet air conditions are easy to install and hook up, meaning you can likely do it yourself and won’t need to pay for the services of a professional. Most units come with do-it-yourself, easy-to-use installation kits. Often you can just plug a unit into an electric socket and start cooling. Of course for a super powerful unit, the electrical needs will vary, so it is important to be aware of what you are dealing with before making a purchase.

5. Have peace of mind with easy maintenance

Cabinet air conditioners come equipped with filters that help to remove dust and other allergens from the air. As the designs have become refined, most cabinet cooling units have a simple filter that slides out and can be easily cleaned. By cleaning the filter on a regular basis, you will ensure that your unit is running at maximum efficiency and will extend the service life of your air conditioner.

6. Some tips before buying

Once you’ve decided that a cabinet air conditioner is the right way to go, you should measure the dimensions of the room you want to cool before heading out to buy. In order to get the square footage of a room, multiple the length by the width. Once you have the square footage, you can match it to the BTU rating that you will typically find printed on the side of the packing box. Getting the right sized unit means that you won’t waste energy or have higher than expected electric bills. It also ensures that the air conditioner won’t be subject to unnecessary strain and end up doing a poor function of dehumidifying the air.

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