If you are a DIY fan, or you just need to fix a few things in the house, you should consider purchasing different types of power tools. They give you the extra power or push that your raw muscles cannot. These tools yield professional results, making your projects less stressful and more manageable.

However, you should exercise great caution when using them some types of power tools can cause a lot of damage, especially if they make contact with your skin when powered on.

The following are different types of power tools that every household needs.

1. Battery-Powered Drill

These types of power tools come in handy in all settings, be it at home or at a professional job site. Although the battery drains fast when drilling holes, it can handle a good number of screws with just a single charge. If you want to avoid wasting time and keep the work flowing, make sure the spare battery is charging while you use the other.

2. Air Compressor

It converts power using gas or electricity into pressurized air or compressed air. It has a tank that stores the pressurized air in the form of energy as you continue to use it until it is full. Things like the capacity of the tank and the pressure power vary depending on the model type. Some of them are portable while others are stationary.

You can use an air compressor to do a lot of things. With these types of power tools, you can clean items, especially those with accumulated dust on or in them. It can also be used for DIY auto repairs to fill up gas cylinders and tires and basically any other time you need to blow high-pressure air.

3. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are also referred to as disc grinders or side grinders, this tool can grind and cut through anything. These types of power tools are used to polish certain objects and materials. You can power it using compressed air, an electric motor, or a petrol engine.

The emphasis on ‘’angle’’ is because the geared head is at a right angle and has a replaceable disc mounted on it. The angle grinder’s head has a side handle adjustable guard attached to it to allow you to get into small spaces. Some angle grinders come with cords while others are cordless.

4. Bandsaw

A bandsaw features a long steel band with a long, sharp and tooth-like edged blade. The steel band runs over wheels. It is used for metalwork, woodwork and lumbering too. The selling point of this tool is the continuous cutting action. This is great for even distribution of cutting.

Since the user holds the piece of material being cut during the process, it gives them better control. You can move it around according to the shape that you want to cut out against the stationary blade. Most bandsaws come as stationary tools, but there are some that are portable.

5. Belt Sander

A belt sander is huge compared to most sanders you will find out there. If you want to cover or rather sand a big surface in a short amount of time, a belt sander is your perfect ally. It runs on an electric motor that continuously turns a pair of cylinders with a loop of sandpaper on them.

Although a belt sander is highly powerful, I wouldn’t advise you use it for the finishing part of your project. Instead, use it at the initial stages. Belt sanders come in different types and variations. Some are portable, while others are stationary. Belt sanders are capable of shaping, levelling and rounding surfaces.

6. Heat Gun

A heat gun is a handheld tool powered by electricity. It can produce hot air of up to 550 degrees Celsius. Since a heat gun is portable, you can direct the heat at a specific target with the help of the nozzle. Inside the gun, there is an electronic element that is combined with a mechanism of moving the air. These types of power tools are so versatile that it would be impossible to list all of its uses here. Just pick it up whenever you need extra heat.

7. Disc Sander

If you are looking for a more portable sander, this is it. It features circular-shaped sandpaper that is attached to a rotatable wheel. The wheel is mostly powered by an electric motor, but there are a few that are powered by compressed air. A disk sander comes with a bench. Just place your piece of material on the bench and keep adjusting it to your liking depending on what you need it to do. Unlike a belt sander, all disc sanders are stationary.

Purchasing these tools for your household is a good idea since hiring one can be costly in the long term. Besides, in case you need a tool urgently, getting to a store and buying one is the most convenient thing to do; but remember to observe the safety precautions on the tool’s manual.