Here is a fun fact for everyone:

“The average American spends 2.5 days each year looking for lost items collectively costing U.S. households $2.7 Billion annually in replacement costs.” SOURCE: PRNewswire

Will you not be frustrated and extremely disappointed if you find out that you have lost even one of your precious items while moving home?

While you can definitely seek out legal recourse and claim damage for lost goods from the mover you contracted, the problem is that there are times when you might not even know that something is lost in the first place until it is already too late.

So, what to do about that and how to ensure that even the smallest item get transported properly, without damage or loss? The solution from Matco moving is pretty simple! Create your own inventory list before well in advance.

Creating your own inventory list before moving


While the solution seems simple, there are many out there who have no clue as to how to create a proper inventory list. After all, we are not really in the logistics business. But, do not worry. Here are few simple steps that should help you out.

1. Create copies of all your documents


There are numerous important documents at our homes and losing them isn’t an option. If you have not yet created digital copies of the documents, make sure you create them and use secure online storage to store them. Additionally, make physical copies as well. Pack the original documents and the physical copies separately and move them separately as well.

2. Record your belongings

Use a video camera or a still camera to create a record of what you got. Make sure that you cover every nook and corner of your home. Also, record the price at which you bought every item. Leave the current valuation to the insurance company to decide.

3. Use any existing list of items

Many among us insure the belongings. If you have done that then you already have a list of the items insured, complete with the valuation. Use this list to make the work of inventory creation easier. In case there are items that have serial numbers, things like your electronic goods and other such items, make sure that you note down the serial numbers as well.

4. Photograph everything


Do not leave out even the minutest things that have minimal value. Take photos of every item and make sure that you create note recording the value of every item. This list must contain even the items you have in your kitchen, washroom, drawers, and every other place that you can find in your home.

5. Create final list document of all the belongings and make multiple copies

Create a list of everything you noted down till now and create a document with the entire list, the specifications of the items, and their cost. Make multiple copies of the list. Keep one copy in a digital storage and keep multiple physical copies with your friends and relatives. Keep the original with yourself.

6. Use the list to get a quote

When you are getting a quote from different movers, use this list to get an estimate. Also, use the list to ensure that you get the right insurance coverage.

While it might take quite some time, it is worth it, when the things at stake are some of your most precious belongings.

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