Stone Veneer Bedroom


Stone veneer is a faux stone that looks exactly like real stone. The manufacturers use a mixture of aggregates, cement, and various types of pigments. Though it is as durable as stone, a significant difference between the veneer and real stone is weight, with the veneer being much lighter. The light weight makes these designer stones the ideal choice suitable for wall applications, allowing it to create a dramatic and sturdy accent.


Updating Old Walls

Veneer siding is a low maintenance layer with an organic look for the outside walls of a building. It is inexpensive to install and maintain. Stone siding is also ideal for an old fashioned look, especially to ranch structures with Gothic architectural features. You can update the wall without having to tear down the stone siding off the outside wall of a building, which would be time-consuming and very expensive. Adopting the current layer of veneer would be a faster and easier method of installing the designer stone.


Veneer on a Fireplace

The rustic fireplace is the crown jewel of a contemporary living room. The prospect of installing veneer on the fireplace can be quite expensive, but you could also do it yourself. Veneer application is instrumental on the interior walls, arches, and the outside walls of your home. Veneer as a designer stone is better on properly prepared and structurally stable surfaces. You may not need any changes to the foundation or structures since the stone will become an integral part of any surface you choose.


Veneer on a Stucco Wall

Stone products are some of the most ancient building materials still in use to date though used differently in contemporary constructions. Nowadays, builders use stone as a decorative material other than a structural material. Veneer can add a look that is natural to just about any structure. Stucco is an excellent material and commonly used as a sheathing material effortlessly making a bold statement. Before the application of any other cladding materials, you need to plaster your walls, but with veneers, you do not have to incur the cost of plaster.


Rustic Look

Homeowners who love entertaining must have a bar. A stylish gathering spot for guests would be the extra work-space used to serve drinks and prepare food, whether it is a wet bar or a sports bar. When designing your bar, stone products are your best option for building material, adding a rustic touch at a cost far lower than that of real stone. Stone veneer is a versatile finish for your bar whether you prefer the country or contemporary style. Flat laid veneer looks like walkway pavements, while stacked surface looks more natural, heavier, and thicker. It also adds a dramatic texture to walls.


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