Stone has been one of the most commonly used elements in home construction for centuries around the globe, and it offers benefits related to durability, weather resistance and even natural beauty. There are a wide range of stone products that you may be thinking about installing, but upon getting a quote for the use of natural stone, you may have decided that it is too expensive to use. For example, the installation of true stone siding on a home is often far more expensive than vinyl siding or bricks. While natural stone is expensive, stone veneer provides you with a more affordable way to enjoy the beauty of natural stone in your home.

What Is Stone Veneer?
This is typically a natural material that takes thin slices of actual stones and turns them into a usable product for you to install in your home. However, some of these materials are synthetic, but they have the look of natural stone. Because they are thinner than natural stone, they are often more affordable to purchase as well as to install. With this in mind, the cost of veneer products may be more appealing to you and may allow you to incorporate the look of natural stone in your home.

Where can Stone Veneer Be Used?
This type of veneer has applications on both interiors and exteriors. For example, some homeowners have used it as stone siding, bringing the incredible look of natural stone to the exterior walls of their home to dress up curb appeal. Others have used the material indoors, such as to redecorate a fireplace, to add a faux stone wall or even to use as a back splash in the kitchen. There are many creative ideas that you can implement in your home to add the rustic charm of natural stone to your space.

How Can You Determine If It Is Right for Your Home?
Before you invest in veneer products, it is important to determine if this is the right material to use in your home. First, price out your project by learning more about the cost of labor and materials. Second, consider which style of veneer would look best in your home based on the décor style you want to achieve and the colors in your space. Veneer products are available in an incredible range of colors and styles, so you can rest assured that there is a product that will look great in your home.

Veneer products have incredible applications that can be used to dress up your home décor as well as your curb appeal. If you are ready to bring the look of natural stone into your home, take time to explore the veneer styles available as a first step.

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