If it’s time for a new water heater for your home and you want something that is energy efficient and modern, talk with a plumber about getting a solar water heater for your home. There are two common types of water heaters that you can look into, and this is a passive or active solar water heating system.

The plumber can help you pick out the system that is the best for the type of weather you have, and the topography where you live. Here are a couple of options you want to consider so you can get an energy efficient and affordable water heating system for your home.
Passive Solar Water Heater
You can get an integral collector-storage or thermosiphon passive solar water system. These systems are the most ideal for people that live in a moderate climate where the temperatures don’t fall below freezing, and for homeowners that use most of their hot water throughout the evening. The passive systems don’t have circulating pumps or controls, and they are usually more affordable to install than an active water heating system. A batch collector is often used to store the water outside the home until it’s needed.
Active Water Heating System
A direct or indirect active water heating system can be used to heat water for your home more efficiently than a passive system. With a direct system the water is pushed directly through the heating coils to raise the water temperature. With an indirect system a fluid and heat exchanger is used to heat the water. The indirect system is the best for homes that experience below freezing temperatures throughout the year. You may end up with a closed loop system that goes through the ground.
There are benefits to both types of systems, and your plumber can help you make sure that you meet your water heating needs. You don’t want to run out of hot water when you need it most, and you may want a system that heats water on demand. A unit that heats water and stores it can run out, leaving you in a bind during the middle of a shower or dishwasher cycle.
If you are getting rid of your tank style water heater and you are ready to upgrade to something that is ecological and efficient, a solar powered water heating system is great for your home. Talk with the plumbing company and get an estimate to begin work.

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