The bedroom is one of the most vital spaces in your household. Don’t be afraid to give it a makeover every now and again. Unique furniture arrangements will only emphasize the comforting feeling it possesses upon entering. The process of how to arrange bedroom furniture is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is move around the pieces of furniture in the room.

Rearranging the bedroom furniture in your home can be an exhilarating activity. The uplift that is applied to a specific space provides a breath of fresh air. This can come in particularly helpful in multiple aspects, from moving into a new property to simply just needing a makeover.

Interior design requires a methodical approach on arranging modern furniture pieces in a stylish way. If you are looking for some inspiration, keep these eight home styling tips in mind on how to arrange bedroom furniture:

1. Simple bedroom furniture arrangements

Simplicity is key for how to arrange bedroom furniture. A lot of us like to keep things around that serve no practical purpose. Some fixtures may hold sentimental value, while others may be just kept simply because we think they appear to be good. When giving your bedroom a new look, it is crucial to throw this idea out the window.

Start with what you have, and rationally decide whether that small drawer is required for your bedroom’s new facelift. If it isn’t, discard it. Working with multiple items in a bedroom can quickly become convoluted; sometimes, less is more!

2. Functional bedroom furniture arrangements

Similar in meaning to keeping only what’s necessary, function is an incredibly vital component to a bedroom’s layout. Certain pieces of furniture may impede on the overall appearance you are gunning for. This is why it is key to organize your bedroom’s equipment in a certain manner.

When you arrange bedroom furniture, think of how you want the overall appearance to look like. Once this has been etched out in your mind, proceed to organize the furniture in conjunction with that goal. The more you develop the space akin to what you are aiming for, the more the overall function will relay an essence of simplicity and completeness.

3. Furniture arrangement blueprint

If you aren’t someone who can just go off a mental image, it may be in your favor to sketch the layout onto a piece of paper. This can be incredibly useful, as you will have a physical image to refer back to, in the event that you need a second look.

Furniture arrangements that are drawn out will save you a lot of time, while preventing errors from being made on a consistent basis.

4. Nightstand arrangements

One of the most key components when you rearrange bedroom furniture is the placement of your nightstand. Instead of trying to give this space a “full” look by having two nightstands, you should only have one. This one nightstand can then be placed on either side of your bed.

A single nightstand gives the bedroom a more comprehensive appearance, while also making the surrounding walls more occupied.

5. Practical bedroom furniture

Similar in vein to functionality, as it pertains to the bedroom’s appearance, you shouldn’t forego comfort when you rearrange bedroom furniture. Interior design can be incredibly practical, without having you go out of your way to get a television remote, for example. Comfort is the epitome of the bedroom, and furniture should be arranged in a way to accentuate this.

A common example of not keeping this notion in mind is placing your bed near a window. This can be a detriment for a couple of reasons, but mostly resides in the fact that the heat or cold makes it challenging to sleep. When functionality and practicality are applied to your furniture’s arrangement, it amplifies the overall space tenfold.

6. Dresser arrangements

One of the most crucial parts of your bedroom is the placement of your dresser. When arranged in a way that accentuates the space of your bedroom, this piece of furniture can make it appear more vibrant. For example, you should opt to place the dresser in a corner if it is tall.

If it is shorter, arrange the bedroom furniture in an area that can sit beneath a window. This amplifies the bedroom’s overall presence, allowing the height to emphasize other parts of the room in a more, observable manner. It’s just depends on what you have!

7. Arranging big to small furniture

In terms of actual size, the pieces of furniture in your bedroom that are the largest should be acted upon first. Not only does this help out in terms of physical exertion, it will allow you to better gauge the placement of smaller items. Start with your actual bed, for example, then arrange furniture pieces such as your chairs or tables next.

8. Experiment with furniture arrangements

A big component of interior design is the thrill of experimentation. No design that you have drawn out will be perfect. As such, feel free to test out various ways on how to arrange bedroom furniture. After playing around with the bedroom’s functionality and practicality, you’ll eventually find a furniture arrangement best suited to your liking.