Like any other type of business, flower shops need to find ways to stand out to be able to survive. This is especially true for small businesses. Florists want to not only get people in their shops but foster relationships with people who will return and will recommend their services to their friends and family members. They can do this by offering unique, high-quality products and delivery options and getting involved in their communities.

Delivery Options

For a flower shop, flower delivery is an important service. A florist needs to offer multiple delivery options for different types of customers and occasions. Many florists offer same-day or next-day delivery services. To stand out, flower shops not only have to offer different options for customers but be reliable in getting the flowers to destinations on time. This is especially important during major holidays and anniversaries. To be able to offer quality delivery services, flower shops need to have extra staff during holidays, train employees well and have a well-organized delivery system. This may take some time to accomplish, but business owners can really make an impression if they get flowers to offices, homes or events on time.

Quality Products

To build a good reputation in their communities, florists need to offer quality products. People will remember when they receive fresh, beautiful flowers in stunning color combinations. To be able to offer quality products, florists need to water, cut and provide sunlight for flowers; clean out buckets and work with reputable vendors. While flowers aren’t going to live forever, florists can help their customers to keep them fresher for longer by providing plant food for their customers and giving them tips on how to care for and display them. Providing superior customer service is an important part of offering a quality product.

Holiday Preparation

Flower shops can stand out by being ready for major holidays such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. This means having floral arrangements ready for both in-store and online customers and offering themed options for the holidays. People are more apt to purchase flowers from a flower shop, instead of a grocery store at lower prices, if the business offers something different from the standard dozen roses. Flower shops can show they are different from others by making their products into pseudo works of art and by incorporating other items, such as stuffed animals or candies, into the arrangements. Having specialty products doesn’t hurt either. If a business can offer something different, unlike anything else offered locally or regionally, people will be more likely to return.

Community Involvement

Engaging with the community can help florists to get their names out there. They can do this by offering classes on floral design and care through local organizations and colleges and giving money or volunteering for local organizations. Another way to get involved in the community is through hosting book clubs, arts and crafts workshops, farmers markets or holiday celebrations. These efforts may not lead to direct sales or compensation, but they can help local florists to get to know people in their communities on a more personal level. Especially in a smaller town or city, being a part of the community is essential for business owners, especially those running mom-and-pop shops. More information can be found at King West Flowers.