It’s essential to find ways to organize your recyclables before things get out of control. With the number of recyclables we use on a daily basis, it’s extremely easy for things to pile up, especially if you have a large family or if you work in an office with lots of people. Check out the following 9 recycling storages ideas that will help you keep your home or workspace organized!

Idea #1 – Set Up A Dedicated Area For Recycling

Creating a dedicated area for recyclables is one of the best things you can do to keep your home organized. It’s vital to have one central area to keep your recyclables under control, especially if you have a large family. In this area, you can use containers to separate items that need to be recycled, reused, or donated. Having a dedicated area with distinctly labeled bins will make it easy for everyone in your household or workspace to contribute to keeping the recyclables organized.

Idea #2 – Use A Separate Bin For Hazardous Materials

Including hazardous items with your recycling does more harm than good. It’s important to find ways to handle batteries, light bulbs, and aerosol containers safely. You can get in contact with your local waste management service to find out how to deal with these items. It’s worth using a separate container or bag to store these items since they don’t belong with regular recyclables. Going out of your way to dispose of these items properly is an impactful way you can contribute to the environment.

Idea #3 – Use Stackable Bins

Using stackable bins is a one of the best recycling storage ideas to keep your home organized. You can label each bin and empty them on a weekly basis. With stackable bins, you have more space to separate your recyclables into aluminum, bottles, paper, and other categories. Breaking down your recyclables into categories allows you to take advantage of bottle deposit refunds and it makes it easier for city workers to sort your recycling.

Idea #4 – Add A Recycling Bin To Your Car

A lot of the time, recyclable items in the car end up thrown in the garbage. Adding a mini recycling bin to your car is a great way to keep your personal space organized. Simply using an old container is enough to collect refuse in your car. Just having the bin in there encourages you to use it which will keep your car cleaner.

Idea #5 – Buy Containers With Wheels

One of the best recycling storage ideas you can do for yourself is to buy recycling and trash containers on wheels. Rolling away your recyclables is much more appealing than having to lift and carry everything around. You can also buy wire carts on wheels and use them as recycling containers under your desk or in the kitchen. Having the flexibility to roll your recycling away makes it easy to hide everything when it’s not in use and simple to move the recyclables when its time to take them out.

Idea #6 – Conceal Your Bins

One way to help your environment appear clean and organized is to disguise your recycling bins. You can use something like a large wicker basket to cover the outward appearance of your bins. It’s also worth investing in matching bins which helps create a uniform look if you can’t find something to cover them with.

Idea #7 – Reduce The Amount Of Waste Coming Into Your Building

Another way you can make it easier to control your recycling is by limiting the amount of waste coming into your home or office. Simple things like buying a coffee or a bottle of juice every morning cause recycling to pile up quickly. Try using a reusable cup for your morning coffee; most coffee places will gladly fill your thermos instead of wasting another cup. This is a simple habit that will immediately reduce the amount of recyclables present on a daily basis.

Idea #8 – Create No-Waste Lunches

Another simple habit that will make organizing recyclables easier is eliminating one-use items from your lunch. Instead of using plastic bags, Ziploc and paper bags for your lunch, switch to Tupperware and other reusable containers. Investing in a few reusable straws, snack pouches, and reusable cutlery can drastically reduce the amount of waste you create throughout the year.

Idea #9 – Use A Lazy Susan To Organize Kitchen Recyclables

Installing a lazy susan setup under your sink is a great way to keep your recyclables organized. With a lazy susan design, you can fit 2 or 3 bins under your sink, and each bin will have its own purpose. This is a great way to make it easy to manage cans, boxes, and bottles in your kitchen. Adding a lazy susan under your sink is a simple project that should take about a day to complete. This is one of the best recycling storage ideas that allow you to keep your recyclables out of sight and still organized.