As a homeowner or gardener, you may have acquired many tools for your landscaping projects, including a lawnmower, hand tools and a wheelbarrow. At some point, you may find that the corner of your garage is no longer large enough for all of your tools, and you will find yourself longing for a garden shed.

Building Your Garden Shed

As you consider your options, you might consider the idea of building your storage shed yourself. However, unless you have experience in the construction industry, this is a project that is advanced and may be difficult for you to tackle. Garden sheds require well-built walls and a solid, weatherproof roof to ensure that you can store your tools for many years.

Designing Custom Sheds

The size and shape of your shed may depend on a variety of factors, such as the available space on your property and the number of tools that you have to store. If you are storing expensive items such as a lawnmower, you will want your shed to include a strong, secure floor to prevent your mower from sitting on the damp ground.

Selecting a Size

Whether you are selecting from prefabricated garden sheds or working with a professional contractor to build a customized shed, you will want to carefully consider how you will plan to use your new space. If you decide to use it for more than just storage, you will want to make it large enough to store all your tools and also provide you with enough floor space to stand. If your shed is too small, it won’t be able to serve this dual purpose.

Extra Features to Consider

As a small replica of a house, custom sheds can benefit from practical features such as rain gutters and a ramp to the door. Lawnmowers are heavy, and the ability to smoothly push or drive your mower through the door makes storing it easy. A garden shed with a built-in workbench can be useful for potting plants or working on small projects. Your shed should also have a locking door, which can be as simple as a hasp with a padlock.

Natural Light

You will appreciate having windows or a skylight in your shed so you can see without adding electricity to your storage space or needing to use a flashlight. If it includes a workbench, it is best to locate it under the windows or skylight for optimum lighting.

A garden shed is a wonderful way to store your tools, but it is important that it be purchased as a prefabricated unit or designed and built by a professional so you can enjoy a sturdy shed that provides many years of use.